Thursday, August 18, 2016

Bomb Threat in CP

Monday morning Bapa and I headed to Arnprior to pick up our Miss D
Workers were going to be at their house all day replacing the walls that were damaged in a major roof leak.
 So lots of hammering and clattering.
Of course the girl would not get a nap so off to the Nona Bapa day resort.

When we arrived at the Corner --- there was a bit of playing .. some colouring .. a wee snack then off for a nap in her new big girl bed.

I went online just to check some Facebook and emails and saw this.


In our town --- Carleton Place is a small town of 10,000 and is about 46 km (29 mi)   west of Ottawa

This is only a couple of blocks from us......

The rumours swirling about was that an unidentified male was held up in the laundromat and he had a bomb!  A BOMB??????

Thank goodness after quite a few hours of what the police called " a serious and potentially dangerous situation" it was diffused without incident.

We have not been given too much info on it except to say he has been arrested and there was NO bomb.

I was ready to just pack up and head to Arnprior. I DID NOT want to be here. I actually felt unsafe in my home which made me feel scared, angry, and sad And of course we had our granddaughter here!!

Once D was up we had a bit of outdoor play then back home.
Had a very nice dinner at East Side Mario's --- which is a 2 minute walk from the van N's.

This incident made me realize that no matter where you live your life can be affected by disenchanted people --- be they terrorists -- people with mental issues -- or someone just pissed off about something.

The pictures I used were from this local website

All is good now. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Peachy Keen Ice Cream

Follow the link below for the recipe ...
Peach Ice Cream

I used my ice cream maker and it was creamy delicious ----
 serve with your favourite homemade ( okay or store bought) sugar or ginger cookies....

Let me know if you have made it or if you have another recipe I should try..

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Starting School?? .... Say it Ain't So

So Holly sent me this pic the other day of the kiddos lunch boxes for school this year.


Where did those five years go???????


Thursday, August 11, 2016

Garden Time

Holy cow ... what a summer!!
It has been so hot and extremely dry it is a challenge to keep everything healthy.
I have lost a few things in the veg garden but for the most part we have been able to nibble on a lot .
Our town has been on water restrictions most of the summer so here at 44 we have been doing our part.
It is extremely irritating tho when we see a neighbor up the street from us washing down his driveway and washing his car.
There is a fine if you use water outside of watering times but it is 55 bucks ---- hardly a deterrent.
We will continue to do our part and keep our fingers crossed we get rain soon.

 Lots of bees enjoy the oregano flowers

Looks like we will be eating butternut squash
 The wasps can't even wait for me to put the sweet sugar syrup in the hummer feeders!!


Found this flax plant in amongst the Lady's Mantle.

Another gift from one of our feathered friends..

I threw my gardening gloves over a plant stake and this is how it landed.
I guess my garden loves me!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Friday, August 5, 2016

HB's Birthday

Happy Birthday to the hottest HB I know.
You are an awesome hubby ... fantastic dad ... terrific dad in law ... and most bestest Bapa

I know you will have a great day!!
We all L O V E you very very much

Friday, July 29, 2016

Miss D is Two

A wonderful day for a Two Year Old Birthday party.
Beautiful and sunny!
Sio's friends from college who live in the Toronto area came for the party.
It's quite the drive for them and even longer for Mandi as she has an 18 month old .
What great friends eh??
So here we go ....

New wheels from Nona and Bapa

Barbeque hot dogs and chicken
Lots and lots of salads

Daphne and her friend Gabrielle checking their plates....

   After dinner sprinkler fun.....


Mommy cuddles are great
after an afternoon of sprinkler fun


Having too much fun with all the new toys
But then it was time for

Happy Birthday dear Daphne
Happy Birthday to you

It was an awesome day altho I still can't believe you are TWO!!!!